The Professional Organization of Registered Nurses in Iowa

 The Mission of the Iowa Nurses Association is to connect, advocate,

and support for nurses and healthcare in Iowa.

2017 Ballot

Iowa Nurses Association

Must be paying dues to the Iowa Nurses Association

For nominations from the floor, CONSENT TO SERVE forms, must be given to the Chief Teller.

For WRITE-IN CANDIDATES, member must write in the name AND place a check mark in front of the name for the selection to be count as being elected.



President ( vote for one)

Two year term

____   Jann Ricklefs; Gilmore City – IA01

______    ___________________ Region __    



President-Elect (vote for one)

Two year term

______   Lisa Caffery; Davenport – IA05

______   _____________________   Region  __


Director ( vote for one)

Staff Nurse At-Large

Two year term

_____ Christina Peterson; Dows – IA01

______   _____________________   Region  __





Director ( vote for one)

Newly Licensed New Member RN

Two year term

_____ Kate Pace, Des Moines – IA04


Nominations (vote for three)

Two year term

_____ Julie Schilling; Burlington – IA05

______   Elaine Boes; Ely – IA05

_____  Sue Whitty; Dubuque – IA02

______   Marcia Weis; Council Bluffs – IA03


Foundation (vote for three)

Three year term

_____ Brian Cooley; Council Bluffs – IA03

_____ Christine Goechenaur, Council Bluffs – IA03

______  Dawn Bowker; Des Moines – IA04

_____  Pam Deichmann; Winterset – IA04

 _____   _____________________   Region  __