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Committees will coordinate related activities and effort throughout the Iowa Nurses Association and shall assume such duties as are specified in the INA Bylaws, and such other duties as may be assigned by the INA Board of Directors. Committees are accountable to the membership through the Assembly and the Board of Directors. Appointed committee members will serve one- or two-year terms. The members of each committee shall elect a chairperson, (except for the Education Committee and Finance Committee), during their first committee meeting.

Bylaws Committee
    • Five (5) members will be appointed.
    • Review and interpret the bylaws of the Iowa Nurses Association and recommend corrections or amendments as appropriate.
    • Draft the proposed text of all amendments to the Iowa Nurses Association bylaws, report its recommendations to the Board of Directors, and submit them to the Membership Assembly in accordance with the provisions of Article IX.

Public Policy Committee

    • Nine (9) members will be appointed.
    • Develop or respond to legislation and initiatives related to Iowa Nurses Association’s Legislative Agenda and priorities.
    • Develop and recommend legislative priorities and positions (either pro-active or reactive) to the Board of Directors.
    • Educate and inform legislators regarding Iowa Nurses Association positions and proposed legislation. Identify potential legislative sponsors for introduction of desired legislation.
    • Inform the Board and keep the membership apprised of current legislation concerning nurses and health care. 
    • Assume other responsibilities for legislation as provided for in these bylaws and in policies and procedures as established by the Board of Directors.
    • Determine the education programming for Legislative Day.
    • Prepare regular articles for the Iowa Nurses Association newsletter.

Education Committee

    • Six (6) members will be appointed.
    • Seek input from members on educational topics and speakers to plan educational offerings.
    • Plan the annual educational sessions at conference/Membership Assembly.
    • Develop an annual Membership Assembly and conference budget to be submitted to the Board of Directors for prior approval for the following year’s Membership Assembly program and conference.
    • Assume other responsibilities for conference as provided for in these bylaws and in policies and procedures as established by the Board of Directors.

Nursing Practice Committee

    • Nine (9) members will be appointed.
    • In 2023, the Public Policy Committee will meet as follows:
      • January 9, January 30, February 13, February 27, March 27 and April 24. All meetings will be from 6pm to 7pm.
      • March 8 during the INA Legislative Day at the Des Moines Marriott Downtown, 700 Grand Avenue, Des Moines. More details will be provided at the first meeting in January.
      • If you are submitting a consent to serve for this committee, please make sure you are able to participate.
    • Identify and address nursing practice issues in Iowa. Collaborate with related nursing organizations with specific clinical expertise in developing initiatives.
    • Bring focus to the health and safety of nurses in all practice settings.
    • Develop programs that broadly address the personal health and well-being of nurses.
    • Monitor regulatory issues affecting nursing practice.
    • Address ethical issues in practice.
    • Assume other responsibilities for nursing practice as provided for in these bylaws and in policies and procedures as established by the Board of Directors.

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