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INA Member Rosemary Holland Shares How She Continues to Give Back

Rosemary Holland gave selflessly to her patients and profession for more than 40 years as a staff nurse, nursing educator and public health nurse. Now retired, she continues to give back through the Iowa Nurses Foundation.

A donor and member of the Iowa Nurses Association since the 1970s, Holland gives because, “Nursing is a wonderful profession. There is a multitude of opportunities available to nurses today. I loved it when I did it.”

Now is a critical time to give.

But Holland also has practical reasons for donating. According to a recent report, Iowa hospitals are not only still facing serious nursing shortages but also 21% of Iowa’s aging nurses are eligible to retire.

In addition, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) has recommended the nursing profession increase the number of registered nurses with a bachelor’s degree in nursing to 80% by the year 2020.

According to Holland, having more nurses with bachelor’s degrees “will lift our profession.” She added, “It’s important for nurses who want to obtain an additional degree or those wanting to become nurses to have some financial support. Iowa Nursing Foundation scholarships do that.”

Like Rosemary Holland, your gift to the Iowa Nurses Foundation can help someone follow in your footsteps and become a nurse or continue his or her studies.

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