The Professional Organization of Registered Nurses in Iowa

 The Mission of the Iowa Nurses Association is to connect, advocate,

and support for nurses and healthcare in Iowa.

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“To be recognized as the entity for the advancement of the nursing profession in Iowa.”

Board Members

Lorinda Inman (Region 4)

Christina Peterson (Region 1)

Chris Kessel (Region 5)

Dawn Bowker (Region 4)

Pam Deichmann (Region 4)

Christine Gochenour (Region 3)


INF is the charitable and philanthropic arm of the Iowa Nurses Association with a mission to promote and support the professional and educational development of registered nurses in Iowa. (Adopted March 22, 2016).

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INVESTING IN NURSES through the Iowa Nurses Foundation

The INF is dedicated to the support of charitable, educational, literacy and scientific activities related to health or nursing in Iowa. Just think of the opportunities you have to help INF grow. Contributions to the Iowa Nurses Foundation charitable contributions and are tax deductible.

Ways of Giving…

·        An annual contribution

·        Pledging a contribution on an installment basis

·        Deferred giving, e.g. naming INF as co-beneficiary on insurance policy

·        Memorial gifts

·        Special occasion gifts, such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and holidays

·        Honorary gifts for special honors accorded individuals

·        Gifts for persons recovering from illness

·        Gifts of appreciation

·        Endowing a named fund

·        One time donations


Your Gift…

Your gift to the Iowa Nurses Foundation can help enrich the lives of scores of Iowa residents by giving one individual the chance to become a nurse, to continue study or do research.


Money contributed to INF is used to provide loans and scholarships for students participating in all levels of registered nurse academic programs. INF also provides awards to support nursing research endeavors and attendance at continuing education programs.