The Professional Organization of Registered Nurses in Iowa

 The Mission of the Iowa Nurses Association is to connect, advocate,

and support for nurses and healthcare in Iowa.

Opportunity to Get Involved

  • Members of INA have the power to influence nursing practice in Iowa by their involvement in a number of avenues within the Association. These areas include:

    ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE IN YOUR REGION ACTIVITIES. Your regional meetings promote opportunities for networking with other area nursing professionals from a variety of disciplines as well as provide up to date information on issues affecting nursing practice.

    ATTEND INA/INF'S ANNUAL CONVENTION. Many decisions are made at the annual convention and leadership is elected. This is a great time to learn more about the working of your organization and meet other members from across the state as well as pick up a few CEUs.

    BECOME POLITICALLY ACTIVE. Weekly legislative updates via email on issues in the legislature that directly affect your practice with practical tips on how to contact your legislature. Contact your legislators and let them know how their decisions impact nursing care in Iowa. Join INA lobbyists at the Capitol to express your views and share your stories on specific issues. Get involved with the INA Political Action Committee. Follow candidates for political office and discover their views on issues that affect nursing in Iowa.

    ATTEND INA'S ANNUAL LEGISLATIVE EDUCATION DAY IN DES MOINES. Learn how to approach your legislator at the capitol, share your views with your legislator over lunch and discover issues currently being discussed. Usually 3rd Wednesday in February.

    SERVE ON ONE OF INA'S MANY COMMITTEES. This is a great way to influence the direction of the organization and nursing practice in Iowa.


    RUN FOR ELECTED OFFICE. Member participation in leadership positions is essential to the success of INA. See the drop down menu to the left to learn more about INA Leadership Opportunities. 

Committees Descriptions
Committees of Iowa Nurses Association and Iowa Nurses Foundation
Elected Positions:
Nominations Committee: Calls for and receives nominations for elected positions. Ballot is then prepared and submitted to INA Business Meeting at Convention.
Iowa Nurses Foundation: Dedicated to the support of charitable, educational, literacy and scientific activities. Goals primarily achieved by sponsoring the continuing education activities of the association and actively supporting education of Iowa nurses through awarding of a scholarship to active INA members.
Appointed Positions:
The following committee positions are appointed by the INA Board. If you want to be appointed to a specific committee, please fill out a “Consent to Serve” form and forward to the INA office.
Bylaws Committee: Reviews the Articles of Incorporation and bylaws of the Association and suggests changes to them. They review standing rules or guidelines of all structural units to ensure harmony with INA bylaws. Serves to interpret the bylaws when questions of adherence to bylaws arise.
Finance: Prepares and recommends an annual budget, advises and reports on revenues and expenditures, and makes recommendations regarding dues and non-dues income generating activities.
Membership/Public Relations: Studies, develops, plans and evaluates INA’s membership, and ways to retain and increase membership. Advises on the dissemination of information and promotion of the image of nursing.
Public Policy: Promotes professional nursing by advising on legislative and regulatory proposals and advocating for the health and well-being of all people. A top priority is educating INA members on how they can become a part of the legislative and regulatory process.
Resolutions Committee: Receives, reviews, edits and reports on resolutions submitted for consideration at the Annual or special meeting. Summarizes and reports to membership on actions taken on the previous year’s resolutions. Reviews, updates and recommends archiving or reaffirmation of resolutions that were adopted five years previously.
Leadership Opportunities

If you are an INA member and interested in shaping the direction of Iowa's voice for professional nursing, get involved in one of INA's leadership positions and committees. Elected positions are voted upon on at the Annual Convention held each October. All positions are elected for a 2 year term unless otherwise noted.

To be considered for placement on the ballot or for appointment to a committee, please see to the right for application forms and job descriptions. 

The following leadership positions are elected in odd numbered years: 

Current –Jann Ricklefs (Region 1)

Current – Lisa Caffery (Region 5)

Director At Large/Staff Nurse
Current - Christina Peterson (Region 4)

Director Newly Licensed RN

Current – Kate Pace (Region 4) 


Nominations Committee (3 positions for 2 years)

Currently - Julie Schilling (Region 5)


Iowa Nurses Foundation Board (3 positions for 3 years)

Lorinda Inman (Region 4)

Christina Peterson (Region 1)

Chris Kessel (Region 5)

Brian Cooley (Region 3)

Dawn Bowker (Region 4)

Pam Deichmann (Region 4)

Christine Gochenour (Region 3)



The following leadership positions are elected in even numbered years:

Current - Marcia Weis (Region 3)

Current - Anne Cook (Region 2)

Director At Large/Public Policy Chair
Current - Carol Chesterman (Region 2)

Director At Large/Resolutions Chair
Current -Ginny Wangerin (Region 4)

Nominations Committee (3 positions for 2 years) (See job descriptions above)

Iowa Nurses Foundation Board (3 positions for 3 years) 

For more information contact INA at