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Des Moines University
Continuing Medical Education 


Contact: Michelle Carlson, MS
Nursing Business Development Manager
Nebraska and Iowa


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Free Webinar: Integration of Remote Virtual Reality into a Graduate Nursing Skills Lab

When Covid-19 began, many nursing programs faced disruption in student learning. An opportunity presented itself through remote virtual reality (VR) learning. VR immerses the learner in the training. VR  allows students to use deliberate practice for the skills they need to obtain. The creation of a graduate-level nurse practitioner skills lab through virtual reality was imperative for the students. The three skills that were initially included in this lab were endotracheal intubation, paracentesis, and central line placement. Results from the VR skill lab included progression and progress statistics, student evaluative feedback, and faculty and student anecdotal comments. VR meets a need for engaging and realistic clinical scenarios.


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