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Yearly Reminders from IBON by Kathleen R. Weinberg, MSN, RN

9 Jan 2023 9:04 AM | Taylor (Administrator)

As a licensed nurse, you are responsible for following the laws, rules, and regulations which govern your profession. The following are reminders of what you need to do to retain your license and suggestions on how to involve yourself in the nursing profession.

RN Reminders:

1. Routinely check the IBON Online Verification System to determine your license expiration date.

2. Remember the Board of Nursing no longer issues paper nursing licenses.

3. A licensee may renew a license beginning 60 days prior to the license expiration date on the wallet card.

4. At the time of renewal make sure you have completed your continuing education requirements.

5. For renewal of a three year license, the requirement is 36 contact hours.

6. For renewal of a license that has been issued for less than three years, the requirement is 36 contact hours.

7. Maintain records of the continuing education you have received in your licensing cycle.

8. If you are chosen for a random audit of your continuing education, complete the audit following the directions.

9. If you regularly examine, attend, counsel or treat dependent adults or children in Iowa, have you completed the Mandatory Training course for dependent adults and the Mandatory Training course for children within the last 3 years? These courses must be completed every 3 years.

10. At the time of initial licensure or renewal answer all questions honestly, specifically relating to your continuing education and criminal history.

11. Does the board office have your current address on file? If not, submit your current address in writing to the board office or submit by email.

12. Do you know the address for the Iowa Board of Nursing’s website? www.nursing.iowa.gov Mark it as a favorite and refer to it often!

13. Do you know where to find the Iowa Administrative Rules for nursing, 655IAC? They can be found on the IBON Website!

14. Do you know who your legislator is?

15. Have you explored the option of joining a professional nursing organization and asked yourself how you can become involved in your profession?

16. Board staff is here to help answer your questions, it is always better to ask then to assume you have the correct answer. The main number to the board office is 515-281-3255.

Specific to the Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP):

1. ARNPs must hold an active RN license.

2. For an Iowa ARNP license you must submit a copy of your current certification card from the applicable national certifying body and documentation of your RN license if from another compact state.

3. The continuing education required by the national certifying body is deemed to meet the

continuing education requirement mandated by Iowa law for license renewal. Documentation of current certification in itself verifies compliance.

4. ARNP’s who regularly examine, attend, counsel or treat children or adults in Iowa are required to complete the Mandatory Training course for dependent adults and the Mandatory Training course for children every 3 years.

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